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Lymphatic Therapy, Inc.

Expert Care for Lymphedema & Chronic Swelling

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Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to provide you with the latest techniques in MLD, CDT and Compression therapy. We will assist your every need, from making the appointment to post-procedure counseling.











Lymphedema is swelling of a body part, most often an extremity, resulting from an accumulation of lymph fluids. Lymphedema occurs when the lymph vascular system is unable to effectively perform its function of re-absorption and transport. Lymphedema occurs when lymphatic vessels and nodes are removed, underdeveloped, obstructed, injured or overwhelmed. Lymphedema may be primary (congenital) or secondary (caused by a known condition). 


Lymphedema can cause decreased mobility, discomfort and often repeated episodes of infections. It can lead to a feeling of self-consciousness, depression and impact quality of life.


Severe cases are associated with thickening of the skin, hardening of the tissue and massive swelling (Elephantiasis).



 We are the only dedicated outpatient clinic providing lymphatic therapy to patients in the greater Las Vegas area. Our Occupational Therapists are certified lymphedema therapist (CLT). We treat patients with lymphedema of the head and neck, upper extremities, lower extremeties, abdominal and genital swelling secondary to various medical conditions or procedures.


We offer specialized preventative care to cancer patients to address their specific needs. These needs may include increasing range of motion, softening scar tissue, prophylactic garment fitting, fitness recommendations and baseline measurements of range of motion and circumferential limb size. 




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